• Description 
     Brake Pad Set 
    Front Axle
    : 148.6 mm
    Height : 61.0 mm
    Thickness : 15.8 mm
Brake Pad Set:45022-T2G-A00


HONDA Accord V6 2013
廠商 號碼 號碼 廠商 號碼 號碼
BREMBO P 28 077 P28077 OE 45022-T4N-H01 45022T4NH01
FMSI 8883-D1654 8883D1654 OE 45022-T6D-H00 45022T6DH00
FMSI D1654 D1654 OE 45022-T6M-H00 45022T6MH00
FMSI D1654-8883 D16548883 OE 45022-T6M-H02 45022T6MH02
GIRLING 6136156 6136156 OE 45022-T8M-G00 45022T8MG00
ICER 182153 182153 OE 45022-TET-H00 45022TETH00
MINTEX MDB3431 MDB3431 REMSA 1548.02 154802
OE 45022-T2G-A00 45022T2GA00 ROADHOUSE 21548.02 2154802
OE 45022-T2G-A01 45022T2GA01 TEXTAR 2579201 2579201
OE 45022-T2M-T00 45022T2MT00 TRW GDB3615 GDB3615
OE 45022-T2M-T01 45022T2MT01 TRW GDB7901 GDB7901
OE 45022-T3V-A00 45022T3VA00 WOKING P14483.02 P1448302
OE 45022-T3Z-A01 45022T3ZA01
  • Recommends every 5,000 km check Brake System
    ensure the normal operation of the braking system
  • Front brakes recommendations within 3-5 km replacement, or partial wear occurs case
  • Rear brakes is recommended to replace within 5-7 km
  • Replace the Disc brake when follow situation happen:
  • 1.Sensor alarm;
  • 2.Friction materials thickness less than 3mm;
  • 3.Friction materials becomes contaminated with brake fluid;
  • 4.Uneven wear within a set;
  • Replace the brake rote when follow situation happen:
  • 1.Vibrate when braking;
  • 2.Car vehicle performance more than 60000Km and braking unstable;
  • 3.Disc brake thickness wear more than 2mm;